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Is a calorimetric flowmeter a type of thermal flowmeter or is it a distinct technology? I always thought it was something different, but now the calorimetric people are saying it is just another name for thermal. The issue is important for historical purposes, among other reasons. In my August Flow Control article I wrote about the history of thermal and said it was developed by FCI, Sierra, and Kurz in the mid-1970s. Then the mass flow controller people said they had thermal flowmeters before that, so I wrote another article for the November issue of Flow Control in which I concluded that MFCs got their start in the early to mid 1970s, about the same time as thermal dispersion meters. Now the calorimetric people are saying that Gunther Weber had developed this principle by 1968 - though I don't believe it was a flowmeter. So is there any significant difference between calorimetric meters and thermal flowmeters and if so, what is it? If they are the same, why do they still have different names?

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