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Important Ultrasonic Conferences Sponsored by CEESI



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One of the most important events in the flowmeter world is the annual Colorado Engineering Experiment Station, Inc. (CEESI) Ultrasonic Meter Workshop (USM).   The first of these events was held in Clear Lake , Iowa in 2001 and drew 37 attendees.   In 2013, the conference took place in July in Denver , Colorado with more than 180 participants.  The purpose of the workshop is to bring together many of the leading decision makers and theorists in the ultrasonic flowmeter community with end-users to discuss key topics related to products and applications. 

It is a testament to the importance of ultrasonic flowmeters that there is an annual conference devoted to this technology.  There are of course other flowmeter workshops, including the International North Sea Flow Measurement Workshop.   The North Sea Flow Workshop focuses on topics related to oil and gas measurement, including multiphase flow, allocation metering, and measurement of liquefied natural gas (LNG) and liquefied petroleum gas (LPG).  This workshop will be held from October 22-25, 2013 in Tønsberg , Norway .

Key Topics at the USM

Many of the topics discussed at the CEESI USM centered on gas flow measurement, including measuring wet gas, flare stack measurement, high CO2 measurement, and the future of AGA-9.  Other topics included provers for ultrasonic meters, quality assurance programs, monitoring systems, and calibration of ultrasonic meters.  There were several presentations on clamp-on meters, as well as presentations on multipath ultrasonic meters.

More Conferences Ahead

In case you would like to take advantage of the CEESI Ultrasonic Meter Workshops in the future, CEESI plans to hold a similar conference in Portugal from April 22-24, 2014.  The title of this conference is The European Hydrocarbon Measurement Conference: Ultrasonic and Coriolis Metering. CEESI is expanding the scope of this conference so it can also cover the fast-growing Coriolis flowmeter market.  The next CEESI Ultrasonic Meter Workshop is scheduled for July 14-17, 2014 in Denver , Colorado .



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