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Volume X Reveals Flowmeter Market Trends



Dr. Jesse Yoder, President, Flow Research.com
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Flow Research has just released our new Volume X study that includes all types of flowmeters.  We categorized them into new-technology, traditional technology, and emerging technology flowmeters.  In 2013, new-technology flowmeters accounted for 59 percent in the market.  This is quite a change from 2002, when traditional flowmeters edged out new-technology flowmeters slightly.  By 2007, new-technology flowmeters had the edge.

Growth in the new-technology flowmeter market is mainly driven by Coriolis and ultrasonic flowmeters.  The magnetic, vortex, and thermal markets are also growing at a good pace.  Growth in the ultrasonic market is drive by increased demand for multipath flowmeters for custody transfer of natural gas and petroleum liquids.  For Coriolis meters, custody transfer is also a driving force.  But in the past several years, Coriolis flowmeter suppliers have introduced large size meters that are designed for 8 16 inch line sizes.  Most of these meters are designed for custody transfer applications.  These new meters have helped propel the Coriolis flowmeter market to new revenue heights.

The differential pressure (DP) and primary elements market is the largest and fastest growing of the traditional technology markets.   DP flowmeters have been around for over 100 years and have a large installed base.  In addition, new developments in primary elements are helping to keep this market growing.  The other main traditional technology flowmeter types are positive displacement and turbine.  Suppliers are doing research and developing new products for both these flowmeter types, and this has also helped the growth in these markets.

Look for the new-technology flowmeter market to continue to outpace the traditional flowmeter market, even though traditional meters are still holding their own. There will always be niche applications that traditional meters are uniquely suited for, and this will help sustain their growth over time.

For more information on these markets, see Volume X: The World Market for Flowmeters, 5th Edition, www.flowvolumex.com.

Jesse Yoder

Flow Research, President



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